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July 23, 2017

The mind

has neither color

nor form. Search for it:

it is nowhere. Emptiness!


(1781-1851 Tibetan yogi)


July 22, 2017

It’s important also to recognize

that benefiting ourselves

is not in any real sense an opposition

to benefiting others,

and vice versa.

The benefits of the spiritual path—

confidence, energy, joy,

freedom from habits

that limit our potential—

are both important for us personally

and just as important for growing

into someone who can be

of benefit to others

~Anne Klein

(Buddhist Studies Scholar,

Founder of Dawn Mountain Center for Tibetan Buddhism)

Without Effort

July 21, 2017

In the light of calm

and steady self-awareness,

inner energies wake up

and work miracles

without effort on your part.

~Nisargadatta Maharaj

(1897-1981, Philosopher and Mystic)


July 21, 2017

While we need to invert to find God,

we need not be introverted

when dealing with the people around us.

Looking outward means

that we can also be highly attuned

and aware of what is happening

in our outer environment.

We can place our attention where we choose.

Our awareness of the needs of others,

our concentration, our sensitivity,

and our compassion grow along with

our spiritual development.

The more we invert,

we become aware of the needs of others.

One sign that we have grown spiritually

is that we are less self-absorbed and selfish

and more humanity-absorbed and selfless.

The more attuned we are

to the soul within us,

the greater our love, compassion,

and service for our fellow beings.

~Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

(1946 to pres., Author, Scientist, Mystic,

Leader of Science of Spirituality and

International Movements for World Peace)


Peace Reigns

July 20, 2017

If you want to know

whether you are expressing peace,

it’s really simple.

When you accept someone

who is different,

peace is present.

When you move past

your emotions and judgments

into understanding and empathy,

peace is being expressed.

When you are loving,

peace reigns.

~John Roger

(1934 – 2014, Founder Institute

for Individual and World Peace)

Great Spirit’s Love

July 20, 2017

Lots of people hardly ever feel

real soil under their feet,

see plants grow

except in flower pots,

or get far enough beyond the street light

to catch the enchantment

of a night sky

studded with stars.

When people live far from

scenes of the Great Spirit’s making,

it’s easy for them

to forget Great Spirit’s

laws and love.

–Tatanga Mani (Walking Buffalo)

(1871-1967, Stoney Tribal Elder)

See Everything

July 19, 2017

If we knew that tonight

we were going to go blind,

we would take a longing,

last look at every blade of grass,

every cloud formation,

every speck of dust,

every rainbow, raindrop—



~Pema Chodron

(1936 to pres., Buddhist Teacher)

Happy 81st Birthday, Pema!