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September 16, 2018

The world breaks everyone

or nearly everyone,

of their childish illusions,

assumptions and wishes,

often painfully.

And afterwards,

due to the personal growth

in practical experience,

insight and the resulting wisdom,

many are strong at the broken places

just like mended broken bones often are,

and some people even have

the great insight

to be grateful

for the purifying fire.

~Ernest Hemingway

(1899 to 1961, American Author)



September 15, 2018

No amount of


can make up for

any lack

of self-acceptance.

~Robert Holden

(1965 to pres., British Positive Psychologist)

Spiritual Connection

September 14, 2018

Spiritual Connection

and engagement

is not built on compliance.

It’s the product of love,


and vulnerability.

~Brene Brown

(1965 to pres., Research Psychologist)


September 13, 2018

No one said that attaining peace is easy.

The hardest step towards peace

is the first step, and that is forgiveness.

We must learn to forget the past

and forgive our enemies.

We must develop compassion

for those that have hurt us in the past.

We must realize that

what our enemies have done to us

may not be their own doing,

but of how they as children

were trained by their parents and grandparents.

We need to recognize that

even our enemies have been victims of hatred.

We have all been victims

of the hatred and discord of our ancestors.

It is time to put a stop to it.

Revenge must be replaced

by forgiveness and compassion.

~Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

(1946 to pres., Author, Scientist, Mystic,

Leader of Science of Spirituality and

International Movements for World Peace)


September 12, 2018

The curious paradox

is that when I accept myself

just as I am,

then I can change.

~Carl Rogers

(1902 to 1987, Psychologist)


September 11, 2018

Living a life of integrity

is hard work.

Following the path of spiritual growth

is hard work.

Awakening and staying mindful

in each moment

requires constant honesty.

It’s exhausting

(though sometimes also exhilarating),

but it expands

through all your relations

and creates a lasting legacy.

The benefits of integrity

and wisdom

compound over time.

~Franz Metcalf

(Theologian and Buddhist Scholar)



September 10, 2018

Accept – then act.

Whatever the present moment contains,

accept it as if you had chosen it.

Always work with it,

not against it.

This will miraculously transform

your whole life.

~Eckhart Tolle

(1948 to pres., German Philosopher and Mystic)