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May 23, 2017

by Eknath Easwaran

Modern psychology commonly asserts that we cannot enter the unconscious fully aware. The mystic responds, “Oh, yes, you can! I have done it.” The journey cannot be adequately described, but I like to think of it as a return from exile. Into those strange and wonderful realms we too can go, to challenge the wild beasts that roam there, search out the castle where old King Ego reigns in our stead, and claim our throne and the vast inner treasure that is rightfully ours. For this is our own land, the one to which we were born. Even if temporarily we endure banishment, even if the kingdom lies in some disorder because of the usurper’s misrule, we can return triumphant and set everything right.

But “challenging wild beasts”? It is no exaggeration: I mean the selfish desires and negative feelings that stalk us. How powerful they are! It has always seemed to me a little wishful to say “I think” or “I feel.” For the most part, our thoughts think us, our feelings feel us; we do not have much say in the matter. The door of the mind stands open all the time, and these unpleasant mental states can pad in when they will. We can have a drink, pop in a tranquilizer, lose ourselves in a best-seller or a ten-mile run, but after we come back the beasts will still be there, prowling about the threshold.

On the other hand, we can learn to tame these creatures. As meditation deepens, compulsions, cravings, and fits of emotion begin to lose their power to dictate our behavior. We see clearly that choices are possible: we can say yes, or we can say no. It is profoundly liberating. Perhaps, we will not always make the best choices at first, but at least we know there are choices to be made. Then our deftness improves; we begin to live intentionally, to live in freedom.

Eknath Easwaran

(1910-1999, spiritual teacher, author, translator, and  founder of the Blue Mountain Center of Meditation)


God’s Grace

May 23, 2017


And He will open the door.


And He will make you

shine like the sun.


And He will raise you

to the heavens.

Become nothing,

And He will turn you

into everything.

~Mevlana Jalaladin Rumi

(1207-1273, Persian poet and mystic)


May 22, 2017

The things that matter most

in our lives

are not fantastic or grand.

They are moments

when we touch

one another.

~ Jack Kornfield

(1945 to pres., Clinical Psychologist

and Buddhist Teacher)


May 21, 2017

We know another way of knowing

that leads to wonder beyond wonder.

Turn this way for illumination,

not for winning arguments.

Here, logic and proof

are a blind man’s staff.

When this luminosity dawns,

look! you’re free.

~Mevlana Jalaladin Rumi

(1207-1273, Persian poet and mystic)

Life is Grace

May 20, 2017

Listen to your life.

See it for the fathomless

mystery that it is.

In the boredom and pain of it,

no less than in the excitement and gladness:

touch, taste, smell your way to the holy

and hidden heart of it,

because in the last analysis,

all moments are key moments,

and life itself is grace.

~Frederick Buechner

(1926 to pres., American author and theologian)

Sacred Walk

May 19, 2017

Every step you take on earth

should be a prayer.

The power of a pure and good soul

is in every person’s heart

and will grow as a seed

as you walk in a sacred manner.

And if every step you take is a prayer,

then you will always be walking

in a sacred manner.

~Charmaine White Face

(1947 to pres., Lakota Elder)


May 18, 2017

We must learn how to cry.

A strong man cries;

it is the weak man

who holds back his tears.

~Archie Fire Lame Deer

(1935-2001, Lakota Elder)