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Through the ages there have been individuals

who sought to find the answers

to the mysteries of life and death.

This group of scientists has been recognized

as the saints, mystics, prophets, philosophers,

and Masters of all religions and faiths.

These individuals perform the experiments

of spirituality within the confines

0f their own human laboratory.

They came from many cultures,

time periods, and walks of life,

yet each found the same results.

Each explorer of spirituality

in his or her own time and clime

discovered that there is a higher power

that lies behind all creation and is also within us.

Within us is a divine spirit

from which our intelligence and wisdom is derived.

They also discovered that that part of us

can exist without the physical body.

They realized there is a controlling power in the universe

that brought all physical matter into being.

 ~ Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

(1946 to pres., Leader in World Peace,

Spiritual Teacher of Science of Spirituality)


Rajinder Singh


“Spirituality is not to be confused with rites and rituals of religion. Spirituality is a study in which we seek to discover the existence of the powers that brought all known matter, planets, earth, people, animals, chemicals, atoms, quarks and genes into existence. Spirituality is based on the scientific method. In the scientific method we begin with a hypothesis. Next, we make a plan of the procedure and materials we want to use to test the hypothesis. Then we, follow the plan and record the findings. When complete we, we analyze the data and report on the results. Was our hypothesis correct or incorrect? The research data either proves or disproves our hypothesis. Spirituality is the personal testing of the hypothesis that there is a higher power that brought all creation into being; that the higher power is within us; and that the higher power can be known. The laboratory is our human body.”  ~ Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj (from Silken Thread of the Divine)



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