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Individual Counseling

“O Nobly born, O you of glorious origins, remember your radiant true nature, the essence of mind. Trust it. Return to it. It is home.” ~Tibetan Book of the Dead


May we always have the clear vision  to live from the wisdom and open-heartedness  of the Eternal Spirit of Love.

May we all continue to practice our everyday life activities and relationships with integrity, faith, caring, mindfulness and compassion.

May we all come to experience the companionship, guidance and unconditional embrace of the Eternal Spirit of Love.

May we all learn to courageously embody a Childlike Faith that frees us to dance and liberates us to sing that joyful song  that came before the emergence of languages and beliefs.

May we all come to see the transparency of our ego-mind-bodies, racial identities, creeds, politics, and cultures.

May we all come to live from the clarity and bright wisdom of our Common Humanity.

May we all begin to immediately live our Oneness, our most precious visions for a New World, and our Unconditional Love; knowing in our hearts that all these things have already intimately arrived.

Our belief in a limited and impoverished identity is such a strong habit that without it we are afraid we wouldn’t know how to be. If we fully acknowledge our dignity, it could lead to radical life changes. It could ask something huge of us. And yet some part of us knows that the frightened and damaged self is not who we are. Each of us needs to find our way to be whole and free.

As  a compassionate friend I would like to work with you in opening your mind and healing your heart by deepening spirit and celebrating the Real You. Every situation that presents itself in your life is an opportunity to learn the Lessons of Love. In a world of isolation, stress, alienation and despair, I have seen people change their lives and find healing serenity and loving relationships.

I am blessed to join you on your Journey of  Awakening!


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