Mystical Activism

God calls us to mystical activism,

a deep-rooted spirituality

inspired by our encounters with God

and commitment to our spiritual practices,

to bring beauty and healing to the world.

~Bruce Epperly

(1952 to pres., minister and theologian)


On the inner journey of the soul

we meet a God who interacts

with our deepest selves,

who grows the person,

allowing and forgiving mistakes.

It is precisely this give-and-take,

and knowing there will be give-and-take,

that makes God so real as a Lover.

~Richard Rohr

(1943 to pres., Spiritual writer, and Franciscan priest)

Holding Space

Holding space

means we are willing

to walk alongside another person

in whatever journey they’re on

without judging them,

making them feel inadequate,

trying to fix them,

or trying to impact the outcome.

When we hold space for other people,

we open our hearts,

offer unconditional support,

and let go of  judgments and control.

~Heather Plett

(Author, Spiritual teacher)

Living Present

Our mind wanders incessantly,

but our body and senses

are always in the present.

To investigate our embodied experience

is to investigate the living present.

~Anne C. Klein

(Professor of Religious Studies, founding director and teacher

at Dawn Mountain Tibetan Research Institute)


I think that the inability to love

is the central problem,

because that inability masks a certain terror,

and that terror

is the terror of being touched.

And if you can’t be touched,

you can’t be changed.

~James Baldwin

(1924-1987, American writer)

Power In Love

There’s power in love

to help and heal

when nothing else can.

There’s power in love

to lift up and liberate

when nothing else will.

There’s power in love

to show us the way to live.

~Bishop Michael B. Curry

(1953 to pres., first African American

to serve as presiding bishop in The Episcopal Church)

God is Love

If our goal is to meet God in
this lifetime, then the password to God’s
abode is love. God is love, and only love can
reside in God’s domain. Thus, for us to be fit
to re-enter our eternal Home, we must
become all love. Anger and hatred are
strangers in the land of God.

~Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

(1946 to pres., Author, Scientist,

Mystic Adept of Light and Sound Current Yoga,

Leader of Science of Spirituality and

International Movements for World Peace)