Ode To Coffee

As a seed does not

reveal the shape of the tree

the innocence of the infant face

does not reveal the sage or the sorcerer to come.

The white beauty of a blossom with

the fragrance to rival the majestic jasmine

does not reveal the enslaving

incense concoction of your beans.

Half the world has surrendered to you.

The other half are either ignorant of your

magic or have turned ascetic and

refused to succumb to you.

Of all of man’s ingenuity in

extracting pleasure and nourishment

from the Mother Earth’s breast,

you stand out to be the one

to inspire a fierce faith

of unquenchable sort.

You have overshadowed the Lord of Light.

As for the faithful,

daybreak means you and not the sun.


(1957 to pres., Indian spiritual teacher,

founder Isha Foundation)


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