Let us give from our soul.

Our mind gives for selfish reasons.

It wants praise from others.

It wants respect from others.

It wants to make a grand show

of how kind and loving it is,

when, in reality, it is self-serving.

Soul gives for the sake of giving.

Soul gives out of a sincere desire to help others.

It wants nothing in return.

It does not even wish to be known for what it has done.

When the soul gives,

it is the God within us giving.

Just as God does not want anything in return

for all of God’s wondrous gifts

of creation bestowed on all forms of life,

so does the soul give selflessly.

~Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

(1946 to pres., Author, Scientist,

Mystic Adept of Light and Sound Current Yoga,

Leader of Science of Spirituality and

International Movements for World Peace)

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