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August 5, 2018

Every culture has rituals and voices that call us to divine connection. It is there when we hear a mass by Handel or Mozart or when we enter a cathedral with the sun shining through the stained glass. It is there dancing in ashrams in India and with the dervishes of Turkey or chanting the names of the Divine through the long night. It is there in the Native American Sun Dance ceremony and sweat lodge. When Sacred Spirit is present, we can only bow in gratitude.

 We awaken in Christ’s body.

I move my hand, and wonderfully

my hand becomes Christ.

I move my foot, and at once

he appears like a flash of lightning.

If we genuinely open to love

we awaken into the body

of the Cosmic Christ,

whole, recognized as lovely and radiant.

We awaken as the Beloved

in every last part of our body

in every part of our Self.

~Saint Symeon

(949-1022, Eastern Orthodox Poet and Mystic,

from: The First Created Man Hymns of Divine Love)

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