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God Alone

January 12, 2018

There is no one in this world

who has time
but God alone.
And therefore all flowers come to Him.
And the least among the ants.

The forget-me-not asks Him

for a stronger brilliance
in her blue eyes.
And the ant asks Him

for more strength
to grip the straw.
And the bees ask Him

for a stronger victory song
among the scarlet roses.

And God is present in everything.

When the old woman unexpectedly

met her cat at the well
and the cat his mistress,
the joy was great for both of them.
But greater still was their knowledge that
God had brought them together
and wished them this wonderful friendship
for fourteen years.

Meanwhile, a redstart flew out

of the mountain ash by the well
happy that God had not allowed

the hunter to catch him.

But in a vague dream a little worm saw
how the crescent moon

split his being into two:
One was nothing,
the other one was everything

and God Himself.

~Edith Sodergran

(1892 – 1923 Swedish-Finnish poet)

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