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Vital Beliefs

January 10, 2018

Experience the healing and empowerment

of love from others, self,

and an ultimate source.

Experience renewing times of transcendence,

expansive moments beyond

the immediate sensory spheres.

Have vital beliefs that lend meaning and hope

in the midst of losses, tragedies, and failures.

Have values, priorities, and life commitments

centered in issues of justice, integrity,

and love to provide guidance

in personality and socially responsible living.

Discover and develop inner wisdom,

creativity, and love of self.

Develop a deepening awareness

of oneness with other people,

the natural world,

and all living things.

Have spiritual resources to help heal grief,

resentment, unforgiveness,

self-rejection, and shame

and deepen experiences of trust, self-esteem,

hope, joy, and love of life.

~Howard Clinebell

(1922-2005, minister theologian, philosopher,

from the book: Well Being)

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