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God Power

August 12, 2017

Great is man.

He is next to God Himself.

Wherein lies the greatness of man?

The God-power pervades everywhere.

There is no place without Him.

It is only in man

that His Power is manifested in full.

Thus it is in human form alone

that one can realize Him.

We live, move and have our being in Him

and yet are ignorant of Him.

Why? Because we are all the while engaged

in outer pursuits

and never had an opportunity

to come in touch with His Power within us.

The God-power is our mainstay.

The moment this Power withdraws,

the body becomes lifeless.

It is this Power that glorifies the body.

We are simply an indweller in the body

and not the body.

We are not bound to it indissolubly.

While living in the body,

one cannot escape from it.

Some Power keeps the body and soul together.

This is nothing but the God-power

which is holding together the entire universe

in its proper shape and order.

We are just a particle of this Power.

~Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj

(1894-1974 Mystic Adept, Spiritual Teacher,

Organizer of World Conference on Unity of Man,

President of the World Fellowship of Religions,

and Sant Satguru of Surat Shabd Yoga)

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