Grandmother’s Thanksgiving Prayer

Audry ShenandoahGive thanks for another day of life here on this earth.

It is another day that we may enjoy

the compassionate goodness of our Creator.

Let us all come together as one people.

Let us look to the shortest grasses,

close to the bosom of our Mother Earth,

as we put our minds together as one mind.

We include all plant life, bird life, and Four Winds.

As one mind with respect and thanksgiving

move upward to the Sky World:

honor the Grandmother Moon,

who has a direct relationship to the females of all species.

As one mind with respect and thanksgiving

honor the Sun and the Stars;

and all Spiritual Beings of the Sky World.

They carry the original instructions in the great Circle of Life.

With one mind we respect and are grateful

for the sacred Circle of Life.

~Audrey Shenandoah (1929 to 2012, Onondaga Elder)


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