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Healing Space

November 22, 2017

Thuy NgyuenWe have the internal space to heal.

We only need to be willing

to let go

of some of the discordant clutter

and noise of our minds.

We need to trust and accept ourselves

enough to let go of the stockpile

of unnecessary thought weapons and defenses

that are weighing us down every day,

every moment.

This acceptance in and of itself

creates space and expansion.

A spacious and trusting internal world

can positively affect

both internal and external environments

in subtle and miraculous ways.

De-clutter some outdated thoughts right now.

Replace them with:

I have the space to heal,

I have the capacity to heal,

this very moment.

~Thuy Nguyen

(acupuncturist and mother)


Healing Space

November 22, 2017


November 21, 2017

A sense of impermanence

has to be felt and experienced.

If we understand it truly,

we will handle all our tribulations

far better.

~Traleg Kyabgon

(1955-2012, Australian Buddhist teacher)



far better.


Selfless Service

November 20, 2017

Rajinder Singh 4When we help someone

our heart expands.

It reaches out to embrace another

as a member of the one human family.

This act alone opens up our soul.

As our love for others flows out,

God’s love for us can pour in.

As this exchange takes place,

our soul currents begin to rise up

to the point at which we can experience

the divine Light within us.

Our meditations receive a boost

and our soul, filled with peace and joy,

transcends to higher states of consciousness.

Thus, it is through selfless service

that we speed our progress

towards the attainment

of inner peace and ecstasy.

~Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

(1946 to pres., Author, Scientist, Mystic,

Leader of Science of Spirituality and

International Movements for World Peace)

Pure Diamond

November 19, 2017

Thomas MertonAt the center of our being

is a point of nothingness.

It is like a pure diamond,

blazing with the invisible light

of heaven.

It is in everybody.

~Thomas Merton

(1915-1968, Trappist Monk)


November 18, 2017

The struggle ends

when gratitude begins.

~Neale Donald Walsh

(1943 to pres., American author)

Trust Your Vision

November 17, 2017

Stephen LevineTrust your vision

make it whole hold it like the Navajo

his solemn desert oracle

in quest of shaman passage

gaining his healing chant

guiding him through life.

Hold the vision constantly rising

it is the way nature works through you

it is the only self an everchanging underdream

a vision (if you see it) up to you to make real.

Act on your vision and pray that you are blessed.

~Stephen Levine

(1937-2016, Buddhist teacher,

from Breaking the Drought: Visions of Grace)