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May 21, 2019

The texture of the world,

its filigree and scrollwork,

means that there is

the possibility for beauty here.

Which answers in me a call

I do not remember calling,
and which trains me

to the wild and extravagant nature

of the spirit I seek.

~Annie Dillard

(1945 to pres., American Author)



May 20, 2019

Transformed people

transform people.

~Richard Rohr

(1943 to pres., Franciscan priest,

spiritual writer)

See What Is

May 19, 2019

As people who want to live

a good, full, unrestricted,

adventurous, real kind of life,

there is concrete instruction we can follow:

see what is.

When you catch yourself grasping

at beliefs or thoughts,

just see what is.

Without calling your belief

right or wrong,

acknowledge it.

See it clearly without judgment

and let it go.

Come back to the present moment.

From now until the moment

of your death,

you could do this.

~Pema Chodron

(1936 to pres., Buddhist Teacher)

Many Wines

May 18, 2019

God has given us a dark wine so potent that
drinking it, we leave the two worlds.

God has made sleep so
that it erases every thought.

God made Majnun love Layla so much that
just her dog would cause confusion in him.

There are thousands of wines
that can take over our minds.

Don’t think all ecstasies
are the same!

Jesus was lost in his love for God.
His donkey was drunk with barley.

Drink from the presence of saints,
not from those other jars.

Every object, every being,
is a jar full of delight.

Be a connoisseur,
and taste with caution.

Any wine will get you high.
Judge like a king, and choose the purest,

the ones unadulterated with fear,
or some urgency about “what’s needed.”

Drink the wine that moves you
as a camel moves when it’s been untied,
and is just ambling about.

~Mavlana Jalaladin Rumi

(1207-1273 Persian Poet and Mystic)


May 17, 2019


is a powerful and just weapon.

Indeed, it is a weapon

unique in history,

which cuts without wounding

and ennobles the man

who wields it.

~Martin Luther King Jr.

(1929-1968, Minister and Activist)

Fully Alive

May 16, 2019

Our spiritual practice exposes us

to the underlying reality of the universe.

And that underlying reality

is not just dead matter interacting at random.

There is order and beauty and truth.

And our universe is fully alive.

We ourselves are expressions of that life,

order, beauty, and truth.

~Brad Warner

(1964 to pres., bass guitarist,

writer, Soto Zen monk)


May 15, 2019

The force needed to empower wisdom

is compassion.

Both wisdom and compassion

shift our sense of identity

away from ourselves

toward the wider human, biotic,

and cosmic community

to which we belong.

~Bhikkhu Bodhi

(1944 to pres., American Theravada Buddhist Monk)