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Time to Love

July 16, 2019

If you judge people,

you have no time

to love them.

~Mother Teresa

(1910 – 1997, Albanian Catholic Nun)



July 15, 2019

When you pursue awakening,

it’s not going to lead

to disappointment.

Quite the contrary,

it goes wildly beyond

your expectations,

wildly beyond

your hopes.

~Thanissaro Bhikkhu

(1949 to pres., American Buddhist monk

Of the Thai Forest Tradition)

Joy and Misery

July 14, 2019

All the joy the world contains
Has come through wishing

happiness for others.
All the misery the world contains
Has come from wanting

pleasure for oneself.


(685-763 Buddhist scholar and teacher)


Soul Is Light

July 13, 2019

The soul is light and love.

If we could look down on humanity

from a higher vantage point

we would see a light

illuminating each souls,

just as when we fly in an airplane at night

and look down at the earth

we see a myriad of lights.

The light in each soul

is one and the same.

God sees no distinction

in any of the lights

because they are all made

of the same essence as the Creator.

What differs is but

the outer human form surrounding it.

When we realize our soul,

we attain the same consciousness as God.

~Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

(1946 to pres., Author, Scientist, Mystic,

Leader of Science of Spirituality and

International Movements for World Peace)

Unfold Your Own Myth

July 12, 2019

Who gets up early
to discover the moment light begins?
Who finds us here circling,

bewildered, like atoms?
Who comes to a spring thirsty
and sees the moon reflected in it?
Who, like Jacob blind with grief and age,
smells the shirt of his lost son
and can see again?
Who lets a bucket down and brings up
a flowing prophet?
Or like Moses goes for fire
and finds what burns inside the sunrise?

Jesus slips into a house to escape enemies,
and opens a door to the other world.
Soloman cuts open a fish,

and there’s a gold ring.
Omar storms in to kill the prophet
and leaves with blessings.

But don’t be satisfied with stories,

how things have gone with others.

Unfold your own myth,

without complicated explanation,
so everyone will understand the message:

You have been opened!

Start walking toward God.

Your legs will get heavy and tired.

Then comes a moment of feeling

the wings you’ve grown, lifting.

~Mavlana Jalaladin Rumi

(1207-1273 Persian Poet and Mystic)


July 11, 2019

What would it be to awaken

to a day devoted to gratitude,

a day of thankfulness

for what was

and yet will be?

Grateful for this life

in which we have been feeling

our way toward the truth.

~Stephen Levine

(1937 to 2016, Buddhist teacher, thanatologist)


July 10, 2019

Pain and joy, love of life,

and fear of death

know no boundaries of us and them.

We can all wake up to realize

that our happiness depends

on the happiness of our neighbors

and vice versa,

and our real safety

is in togetherness,

not intractable conflict.

~Stephen Fulder

(1946 to pres., founder and senior teacher

of the Israel Insight Society)