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July 19, 2018

The meaning of life

is just to be alive.

It is so plain and so obvious

and so simple.

And yet, everybody rushes around

in a great panic

as if it were necessary

to achieve something

beyond themselves.

~Alan Watts

(1915-1973, British Zen Buddhist Teacher)



July 18, 2018

Awareness is nothing special.

It’s natural.

In fact, it may be

the most natural—

the only natural thing there is.

~Andrew Olendzki

(Director at the Barre Center

for Buddhist Studies,

Editor of Insight Journal)


July 17, 2018

Your thoughts are the atmosphere

in which you move.

So if you fight your thoughts,

you are in a battle zone.

Just add God to your thoughts.

Just worry in peace;

worry in happiness.

Gently drop each worry

into the still lake of the Divine.

~Hugh Prather

(1938 – 2010, author, minister, counselor)

Love is the Root

July 16, 2018

Love is at the root of everything,

all learning, all parenting,

all relationships.

Love or the lack of it.

~Fred Rogers

(1928 to 2003, Minister, Educator,

Television Host and Good Neighbor)


July 15, 2018

The life worth living is life in the Spirit.

Its basis is humility.

We should be reduced to a cipher

and God becomes all.

The truly humble are the truly happy.

For want of humility,

men and women are leading

an unbearable, miserable life.

All this misery is from within.

It is not a change in our circumstances,

but deliverance from

the thralldom of the self,

the petty ego that sits a tyrant,

robbing us of the bliss

that is our heritage as Children of God.

We are, as it were, in a cage

of self-centeredness,

and until this prison is opened

by the key of humility,

the swan bird of the soul

is to free and cannot swim

to the regions of radiance and joy.

When the light of humility dawns on the soul,

the darkness of selfishness disappears

and the soul no longer lives for itself,

but for God.

The soul loses itself in God.,

lives in God, and is transformed into God.

This is the alchemy of humility.

It transforms the lowest into the Highest.

~Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj

(1894-1974 Mystic Adept, Spiritual Teacher,

Organizer of World Conference on Unity of Man,

President of the World Fellowship of Religions,

and Sant Satguru of Surat Shabd Yoga)


July 14, 2018

Do I prefer to grow up

and relate to life directly,

or do I choose to live

and die in fear?

~Pema Chodron

(1936 to pres., Buddhist Teacher)

Present Moment

July 13, 2018

The present moment

is not defined solely

by letting go of past and future,

nor by accepting and appreciating

what arises right now,

but by choosing

in this very moment

how we make sense

of the world.

~Jack Petranker

(Attorney and Educator,

Director of the Mangalam Research Center

for Buddhist Languages)